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cheap champagne for this weekend

I’m normally not very adventurous when it comes to champagne, nor am I inclined to spend much for a bottle. But I’ve had bad cheap champagnes that ruined mimosas beyond enjoyment, which I had previously thought impossible. So I always just stuck to the classic safe haven Barefoot Bubbly (Pink Moscato, because why not). You just don’t argue with 24 bottles for around $100.

Not long ago though, at a local beer and wine festival, there was a mad rush on a champagne the crowd raved as wonderful.

or as I call it “Mmm Napa”

Somehow I managed to get the last of the bottle and was not disappointed. I snapped the picture to be sure the name would not escape me.

Mumm Napa comes from California, like most good things. Cuvee M is the correct amount of sweet and the correct amount of sparkly. Last I checked, it came in at around $20 a bottle – more than worth it in Sunday mimosa saving power.

Happy brunching, ladies!


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