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review: Ton Ton – atlanta ramen

Ahhhhh Ponce City Market. The mall where I can afford nothing but food and window shopping. The mall where a shot of espresso is $3, but you can meander with your alcoholic beverage of choice in your hand.

Eating in the ultra-modern food court (not a Chic-fil-a or China Wok in sight!) gives you the opportunity to experience something different anytime. I’d say most prices are mid-range, plus parking and tip.

We settled on Ton Ton somehow on this excursion. A tiny ramen restaurant (prepare to be practically shoulder to shoulder with other diners), Ton Ton was admittedly my first dine-in ramen experience. Many a yelp reviews assured me this would be the best place to start.

I played it safe and ordered the Tori Shoyu (alas, by pointing at the menu since I’m still at a loss on pronunciation). While I enjoyed the dish with a little added soy sauce, I was mildly confused about how the ingredients were intended to meld together.

Apparently the real dish to try is the Invicible Dan Dan Mazeman. (Sorry for the lack of picture.) The spicy soybeans and Szechuan oil required me to stir clear, but my spice-enthusiast manfriend assured me it lived up to the hype. Notably, it was the dish that came recommended by the waiter, although he was sure we understood it came sans broth.

While I’m not sure Ton Ton would immediately draw me back again surrounded by such tough competition, I’d still say the experience was a 4/5.

Now! Which, oh which, Ponce dining establishment should we try next?


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