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review: Flying Monk – savannah noodle bar

The southern charm in Savannah runs deep. Try hunting online for restaurant recommendations and you’ll be met with a wealth of “soul” and “comfort” food options. And while few things can compete with biscuits and various fried entrees, something about the exterior of the Flying Monk Noodle Bar inspired an impulsive dining decision.
Ultra-modern, Flying Monk is not very spacious. I felt almost as if I was sitting at the same table to the young couple next to me, partially since seating includes a long booth the length of the wall. This turned out to be advantageous when the wife began making menu suggestions to me.

Best suggestion? Get the Iced Kiwi Green Tea. I am a sucker for drink options outside of coke products and sweet tea, and this one was not disappointing. Lightly sweet and perfectly refreshing for the sweltering Savannah heat.

The smells in this place are wonderful. I’m not sure any dish would be a bad choice judging by the plates I saw around me. I opted for a peanut-free option called Na Na Noodles with beef. Always a lover of wide rice noodles and veggies, I thoroughly enjoyed the combination with bean sauce and a mountain of cilantro. My only regret was not snagging some Edamame Dumplings, which seem to be a local favorite appetizer.

Flying Monk is definitely the needed variety in a weekend trip to the Georgia coast.   


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