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review: The Ruby Slipper Cafe – brunchy gulf chain

Is there really anything better than Brunch? I capitalize Brunch because it might as well be a proper name. Like an ol’ friend coming around on the weekend offering coffee and bloody marys and (if you’re fortunate enough to be in the south) biscuits the size of your head. And if you’ve been out too… Continue reading review: The Ruby Slipper Cafe – brunchy gulf chain

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review: Flying Monk – savannah noodle bar

The southern charm in Savannah runs deep. Try hunting online for restaurant recommendations and you’ll be met with a wealth of “soul” and “comfort” food options. And while few things can compete with biscuits and various fried entrees, something about the exterior of the Flying Monk Noodle Bar inspired an impulsive dining decision. Ultra-modern, Flying… Continue reading review: Flying Monk – savannah noodle bar

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cheap champagne for this weekend

I’m normally not very adventurous when it comes to champagne, nor am I inclined to spend much for a bottle. But I’ve had bad cheap champagnes that ruined mimosas beyond enjoyment, which I had previously thought impossible. So I always just stuck to the classic safe haven Barefoot Bubbly (Pink Moscato, because why not). You… Continue reading cheap champagne for this weekend